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Preservation of the Liberty Canyon corridor properties is critical in facilitating the movement of new mountain lions, thus insuring continued existence of mountain lions in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (SMMNRA). Mountain lions with new genetic diversity need to be able to move through the region's mountain ranges and find refuge.

Lion P12 crossed through the Liberty Canyon Wildlife Corridor in 2009 bringing new genetic diversity to the mountain lion population in our national park.

There are funds in the Mountain Lion Park Bond (Prop 117) to purchase the necessary properties to save the Liberty Canyon Wildlife Corridor. There are four critical Liberty Canyon Wildlife Corridor properties which need to be preserved in their entirety. These include:
  • The Chesebro meadow is adjacent to Old Agoura in Los Angeles County. For years, our goal has been that this property becomes parkland.

  • The Minder property is beautiful rolling hills with oak trees, and is adjacent to the Calabasas Landfill.

  • The Agoura Commercial property, south of Liberty Canyon, is critical to maintain a viable width to this sole documented mountain lion wildlife corridor.

  • The Rasmussen expired home development at the south end of Liberty Canyon is another necessary property to save.

See the latest tracking information on the P-12 mountain lion.

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